Tuesday, 22 July 2008

School Prom

Monday night saw David and John playing at a junior school prom.

I think that an apt description of the audience would be "wildly enthusiastic"! In fact so loud we could hardly hear the music ourselves. We'd had to turn the speakers away to avoid feedback, it was cranked up louder than we'd ever had it before just to cut above the noise from the kids.

They weren't particularly running wild or anything, they were singing along, cheering, in fact giving us an amazing reception. Thank you to the kids and teachers at Blackpool's St John Vianney. We finished off an exuberant night with the Blackpool Football Team's anthem - the old Dave Clark Five hit, Glad All Over and I think everyone was!

As David said afterwards, "I can cope with 11,000 coming through the gate at Liverpool but that was scary!!!" An excellent night!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Croxteth 2008

A scorching day yesterday at Croxteth Park, Liverpool, where we played for the sixth year running for the Open Day.

No fairground this time so we had less competition from other attractions and consequently had a good-sized audience in front of us for the day. They were good-natured and enthusiastic and we hope you all had as good a day listening as we had playing for you!

We have had confirmation now that we will be playing again at Garstang's Festival on Thursday 21 August - our usual spot near the car park and council offices on the corner of the main street.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Creeping Bentgrass Coming To Croxteth Park

We had thought this gig might be called off this year but we can confirm that it will be going ahead!

Sunday July 13 2008

We'll be on our usual spot to the side of the hall on the green. Come and say hello. We'll be there from around 11:30 all the way through to 4:00pm.

See you there!!!