Saturday, 30 July 2011

New Card

I've just had 500 business cards printed off from this new design by graphic designer Katherine Metcalfe. Katherine designed our banner (below) that we use at events using some of the same motifs and I asked her if she could come up with a new business card for us.

Seeing as she's my cousin and therefore quite biassed in favour of the band, she agreed with no more than a few gentle turns of the thumbscrews!

Thank you Cuzzy!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Ruby Wedding Gig

Last night we played at a private house party to celebrate a 40th Wedding Anniversary.

To have a live band playing in your home - even as small in member numbers as we are - requires a fair amount of room! Last night we even had space for a dance floor and we had a great night with loads of great comments at the end.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fylde Vintage Weekend

I've been reminded I missed a gig report! A few weeks ago was the Fylde Vintage Weekend, a chance for classic cars, tractors, traction engine and farming equipment to come together for a weekend of displays, some with real live sheep and some without...

David caused a bit of controversy shortly after we arrived. To our surprise we saw him crouched down with his camera lens poking through a tent flap.

"What are you doing?!?" we asked. "I was photographing birds!" he replied... What? By poking your lens into their tent?!? Is that not an arrestable offence?!?

Luckily not...!

We played in the beer tent marquee on Saturday night and had a cracking night.

I was starting to think we wouldn't get away - I don't think we have ever been shouted back for so many encores. It was a good night and a great audience!

A special mention has to go to Rosie the dog who barked her appreciation at the end of every song! I suspect it may have been the clapping that set her off, as she even joined in at the appropriate places in The Wild Rover! Or perhaps that's her boyfriend...