Monday, 30 September 2019

A Birthday Party in Kendal

Saturday night saw us battling against the very wet weather as we drove from Blackpool up to Kendal to play for the birthday party of David's little sister, Elaine.

We were playing at the New Union - formerly the Union Tavern - and this proved to be a very nice pub with a welcoming host and a nice range of speciality beers and spirits.

Whilst we were in a side room, I could see the landlord and bar staff singing away to us behind the bar, so I think it's fair to say we gave them a good night with one of our famous four-hour non-stop sets.

Whilst some brave chaps got up to dance once into the second half of the night, the ladies were up on the dance floor all night and there were some anxious faces of men from the bar area who had to pass them to get to the gents... Some managed without having to dance either on the way there or the way back...

We must have given them a good night because we have already had an enquiry for another booking from someone there!