Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Gold Award at Billy Fury Site

It's only a bit of fun but also nice for us! Dave Jay, one of the brilliant artists who contribute to the Sounds Special feature on gives his verdict on the other artists in the form of a gold award every month.

We seem to have picked it up for the last two months. Last month I had an instrumental up there - which probably won for its novelty value as most tracks are from vocalists. This month's track was our version of Del Shannon's "Runaway" from our 2003 album "Kites". You have a few days left to hear it on the site!

Dave, no mean artist himself, said, "I don't really like to give my award to the same artist the following month, but if it's deserved then I can only be true to myself, so again the gold medal goes to John Burke's Creeping Bentgrass. This is just a wonderful version of Runaway, so different to the original and I actually think, better!!!"

Ah, Mr Jay, flattery will get you anywhere!

The artists who contribute a song every month are definitely worth listening to. Some are professionals but many are guys like the three of us, who do it for the love of it or who do the odd gig here and there. You can download the Sounds Special music tracks for free off the Billy Fury site and also hear many tracks from the great man himself.

Regular contributors include (in no particular order) Dave Jay, Mike Chambers (can you tell him from Elvis?), Johnny Storme, Rob Dee, Roger Sea, Andrew Tween, Russ Dee, Geoff Howlett, Bruce Seaton and Des O'Reilly.

You can also buy the brand new DVD of Billy's life story - which I must get round to ordering myself!

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