Sunday, 29 July 2007

New Album Release Close

I've been doing some work on the album over the last couple of weeks and last night David and Jeannie came round so whilst the ladies went off to a craft fair, David and I put some vocals down and we now have all 16 songs for the album.

We now need to get Bob over to put bass on several tracks and then think of a name and get some design work done for the album cover, take photos and - hey hey!

I know there have been people asking about this for ages (years...!) and we're finally getting there.

I think we are going to start immediately on the next one too, to try to ensure we can have one to come out a year after this!

A lot of people ask where we record, as the quality of the recording surprises some people. But it's all done in my front room on the computer, as seen here.

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