Tuesday, 25 September 2007

CBG With Billy Fury

We were all round at my place, theoretically to finish off the recording for the album.

Well, we did finish off the recording for the album but David had brought along a small bust statue of Billy Fury and as we are featured regularly on his tribute web site we thought we should try to have a photo of the band "with" Billy Fury.

We tried this a few ways but the statue was quite shiny (and we're not!) and the only way I could get it to look anywhere near right was to simulate the two photos as pencil drawings in Paint Shop Pro which produced this. I'm sure it would be easier using a photo of the real Billy, but we liked the effect which may be used for an album cover at some point, who knows?

Work on the 3rd album - now entitled Crossing Lines will continue with some mixing and production work before I can start to burn the CDs and we have decided on the image for the cover so we need a fine day to get the photos taken and then design the cover and label for the discs.

It's been a long time coming. But it does sound good...!

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