Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Creeping Bentgrass in Shrewsbury

On Sunday night we played at "Sean's Fundraiser", a charity event in aid of a very poorly little boy, critically ill with leukaemia and lymphoma cancer. We came to hear of this from his grandma, who we met through the Billy Fury networks.

And we met up with Mags and Marie, also friends from the Billy Fury website http://www.billyfury.com.

This fundraiser was held at the Albrighton Hall Hotel in Shrewsbury and included a delicious three-course meal and a charity auction and raffle before we were called upon to sing for our supper.

As the auction came to an end, there was one final lot - a chance for the organisers, Gaynor and Rhian and the auctioneer, Jeremy to undergo this ice bucket craze. "Crazy" is the word I reckon, but it is in a good cause. Rhian went off to change into one of the hotel's towelling dressing gowns but Gaynor sat down in all her glam and serenely took her dousing. (Is "serene" the correct word for jumping up and screaming?)

Anyway, well done to all three. Rhian was able to go and put her glamrags back on whilst Gaynor spent the rest of the evening in her dressing gown...

But there again, how many times (apart from at home with the gorgeous Miss Franny) do I get the chance to cosy up to beautiful ladies in their dressing gowns?

...and before you ask, the lipstick mark on her face is not my shade...

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