Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Catching Up

1 July 2005
Sorry - I've been a bit neglectful recently! Just too busy! Well CBG are in the middle of a series of summer gigs at the moment. Myerscough College Open Day is where we premiered our version of "The Green Fields of France" and we must have got it right because audiences go very quiet and applause is very loud whenever we do it! The words do send a cold shiver down the spine!

Also at Myerscough I shoved the words for "The Young Ones" under David's nose and we did it straight off without even a rehearsal - we know from experience that any songs we can do that with become firm favourites - and given the words we might make that our theme song!!!

We played at Larbreck Hall Caravan Park again for the third year running and received a warm welcome. David had a cold and was speaking with a croaky voice but his singing was spot on, even if he couldn't talk the day after...!

The Staining gig also went down very well - looks like the Bowling Club there may book us for a night in September - keep an eye open for that. And we have now had confirmation about a club gig in Clitheroe in December - not sure yet whether this is open to the public or affiliated members or what... more to come!

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