Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Croxteth Park Gig

19 July 2005

Wow! What a fantastic day Sunday was for us! Hopefully for the audience too. Liverpool has to be one of the best places to play live music as the audiences get into the music with you. 12,000 of you turned up apparently. There were other attractions going on than the band of course but at times we had a fair proportion of folks in front of us.

Thanks to the impromptu dancers, the lady who bought us a beer (we played for 5½ hours under scorching sunshine), Paul who brought us a few cans of ice cold soft drinks, and of course our own road crew, Fran and Jeannie who surpassed themselves with the video camera. The sound quality is superb and we are thinking of putting a DVD together with some interview bits and other footage and photos of some of our other past and present musical activities. Oh - and we've been booked for next year! 16th July 2006 at Croxteth Hall!

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