Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Wedding Party

30 July 2006
We played a wedding yesterday out at Guys hotel and restaurant complex. What an enthusiastic audience! There was a large Irish contingent and our rendition of "Fields of Athenry" was requested several times until at the end, all the guests crowded around us and all sang it with us!

Best wishes for a long and happy married life go to Vicky and Jim - we couldn't find Jim at one point so Vicky grabbed me to help cut the cake... Thanks also to Chief Bridesmaid Rachel for the superb arrangements - everything we needed was laid on without fuss, to Steve the Best Man and the Ushers for help in moving equipment for the bit when it rained and we relocated in the pavilion - and the bit when it stopped and we came out again!

Also nice to see my little Flower, Gemma, again - Gemma & Will, we'll see you in March at the next Staining gig!

And lastly, thanks to the Guys Court crew, who were excellent and to the dancers on the canal towpath, who gathered to watch and enjoy themselves! The band had a ball!

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