Wednesday, 10 January 2007

New Songs and Lighting

28 May 2006
A productive day! We bought some lights and light stands this afternoon so that (1) we can see what we are doing in rooms with no lighting and (2) audiences can tell where we are...

Also David and I had a thrash at a few more new songs. There's a Garth Brooks one called "The Night I Called the Old Man Out". That's a fast "New Country" rocker - really good fun to play and I have some good guitar riffs to get my fingers round! The other week at Witton Park we played Don Williams' "You're My Best Friend" for someone who we know will be at Myerscough's Open Day next weekend so we've made sure we've got it sorted out properly instead of the off the cuff version we played before!

Myerscough Open Day is now definitely on - we were worried about power supply but that's been sorted out now. You'll find us down the side of the Plant Centre - round the corner from where we normally are on these Open Days, but still on the way in from the car park so we should be easy to find!

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