Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Rain Stops Play!

22 June 2006
Last Sunday we had our first rained off outside gig for 4 years! I must have been tempting fate with the pic of the rain on the photo below!

It was a shame but we were under a gazebo which in the end collapsed under the weight of water collecting on the roof! Luckily the water missed the equipment but there was a lot of it and we had to switch off straight away for safety! We have no desire to rename the group "The Blue Sparks"!

The last time we had to leave a gig early because of rain was at the Kendal Windows on Art festival in 2002 - and even then we carried on in the Brewery Arts Centre, as we were booked to play at a few different spots in the town. Thanks to everyone who turned up at the event on Sunday - there were some hardy folk in coats and under umbrellas!

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