Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Mondo Cult Magazine Review

24 February 2006
Ah, at last I have a copy of the brand new American magazine Mondo Cult in my hands!

This magazine's first issue has the last ever interview with Fay Wray, the original King Kong heroine. I thought I'd read all there was to read about this gorgeous actress but there was something new here! And in addition to Kong, there are reviews galore - of film, DVD, book and music releases including a mention of a band quite close to my own heart and the main subject of this website!

Jessie Lilley, the Editor-in-Chief, has a deft touch with the pen - or word-processor. I enjoyed the magazine and felt a pang of regret that it's only (as yet) to be published twice a year. Jessie's review of our first album is reproduced below (click the link to see the entry for 18 December last year) and we have already received orders on the strength of the review. Thanks Jessie - let me repay the compliment. Visit the Mondo Cult website and order a copy whilst stocks last!

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