Thursday, 25 January 2007

A Good Night's Recording

Last night David and I recorded vocals over some tunes I had laid down backing for.

The photo shows my ancient version of Cool Edit software with a backing track and four vocal tracks for "Dirty Old Town". So - that's one track for the new album that you know about! The album will open with a sizzling version of Billy Fury's "Last Night Was Made For Love". I enjoyed doing the backing tracks for that one as I added timpani drums and a choir! Still have to put some guitars on as yet but we now have about 5 tracks nearing completion and the next few ready to start. Watch this space!


Moya. T.B.F.F.C. said...

Hi There - Moya here - President The Billy Fury Fan Club, Est 1959. Writing to your from New Zealand. You have cropped up on my computer as a 'Google Alert' and I would like to say I would very much like to hear your version of My Billy's Last Night Was Made For Love. Haven't had time to read your whole page but will post this link on the BEST Billy Fury Website for all to read. Pleas pop in to, register on the message board and say hello and meet the loyalist, friendliest fans'n'friends and STAR ever had. The One & On;y - BILLY FURY!! X

John Burke said...

Hi Moya,
The track isn't complete yet as I have a couple of guitar tracks and bass to add. I'll add a soundbite to the blog once it's finished but it will be a few weeks yet probably.

On live gigs we play both "Last Night" and "Halfway to Paradise".

Moya. T.B.F.F.C. said...

Thankz-a-BILLYon for your reply John. Please register on and you can let us all know when we can hear Last Night Was Made For Love and maybe your version of Halfway To Paradise. Luv M x