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Keeping On... Album Review

18 December 2005
It's three months ago so I'd put to the back of my mind that Jessie Lilley, who runs Ingrid Pitt's Yahoo Group, bought a copy of our first album all the way from Hollywood USA. But then today this review bounced around the Internet. Jessie, we're glad you enjoyed the CD - thanks a million for the glowing review! It's included below...

I poke around in hollow logs and behind outhouses looking for music.
I've found pure trash and sparkling gems along the way. One day
whilst rummaging under some rocks in the Blackpool area of England,
I got tangled in some creeping bentgrass...

As is usual with independent production, not everything is perfect,
but my complaints here are a matter of taste. My ear for production
is different than these lads, and in truth, there's nothing wrong
with what they've done. I just prefer a slightly fatter sound that
this 14 track CD can give. The music now, that's another story.
Covering cuts from "Love Is All Around" to "Great Balls of Fire,"
these guys are pretty damned good! There's a track of the D'Abo
classic "Handbags And Gladrags" made internationally famous by some
fella named Stewart and Bob Snape puts his mandolin to good use on
a "Boys of Blue Hill/Harvest Home" medley. The trio (Snape, David
Lancaster & John Burke) lends its vocal talent to "After the
Goldrush" in clean three-part harmony that alone is worth the price.
All in all, fans of rock, ballads, traditional Irish and just plain
old pop will not be disappointed, but you've got to order it
privately from England, so pay attention to the website address
above. Go get it.

-Jessie Lilley

You can get it from the Creeping Bentgrass Homepage.

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