Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Croxteth Park

17 July 2006
Yesterday was our 5th annual appearance at Croxteth Country Park near Liverpool. A tad quieter than previous years, but possibly because the weather was just so hot it took some real commitment to be sitting under the full glare of the sun.

A huge thank you to those who did turn up, there were certainly a lot of you and a special thank you to old school chum, Jackie, who spent most of the day sitting with Fran - God knows what dreadful gossip about me was passing both ways...

We drank an unbelievable amount of water during the day to try to keep cool and I'm afraid my hat stayed on all day - a bit of an advantage I suppose as it obscures my ugly mug a little! That good effect might be outshadowed by the appearance (for the 2nd year running) of Bob's legs...

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