Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Royal British Legion, Clitheroe

11 December 2005
Well, we've been a bit quiet of late but then David and I have both had this wretched flu that's going about. Something to do with drinking bottled water - Evian flu??? No, no, no - before the lawsuits arrive I don't mean that!

Anyway last night we were coughing and bopping at the Royal British Legion Club in Clitheroe. They like their bingo there so we played all our favourite numbers! (Oh my God, he's not sobered up yet...)

I bought a new black shirt with all sparkly bits running in lines all over it. Looked very "showbiz" I thought. Everyone asked me if it was raining outside... and when I took it off I found I had a chest full of tiny black sparkly bits that are hell to get off! (Volunteers please apply!)

We have now all three of us left the employ of Myerscough College where we met and formed the band at Christmas 2000 - exactly five years ago, wow almost time for the first comeback tour! And so it will be, because we are going to be playing at the college on Thursday 22 December for the staff Christmas shindig!

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