Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Witton Parks and a Garden Party

27 August 2006
We braved a bit of rain again at Witton Park yesterday for the launch of Blackburn's Walking Festival. Some hardy folk gathered to set off on a hike and the Lady Mayor and Mayoress attended to wish them well.

Witton is a good venue for us, there's an excellent courtyard with cover for us in case it gets wet. We moved in and out of our little room a few times during the day but managed to have a good time!

David and John played a private garden party the other weekend which was a very enjoyable and informal affair. Feedback has been very good - the best sort actually as we gained another booking out of it!

Meanwhile the pressure is on to produce another CD this autumn. We have added quite a number of new songs to the repertoire this year so there should be no problem finding enough material. The problems will be in deciding what to leave off it!

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