Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Feedback and a new Sound Clip

20 July 2006
I've uploaded a new sample track today - Cliff Richard's ballad "Miss You Nights", that David and I recorded on Tuesday afternoon, about an hour after he first suggested it as a possible Bentgrass track! It's a keyboard oriented one rather than guitar based. We like it - hope you do!

An email from this morning to Jeannie, David's wife:

Hi Jeannie, Just a quick "thank you" for supplying the band on Sunday. As always, the feedback for Creeping Bentgrass was great. One lady said "I wish I had booked them for my 60th". Please thank all members of the band for me. Next years date is Sunday 15th July (and possibly 14th too - further to confirmation).

Best wishes ...

Jeannie passed this on with the message "Don't go getting too bigheaded!! Make a note in your next year's diary!"

The band could not function without the help and support (and diaries!) of Jeannie and Fran, our roadies extraordinaire, who are shown here at the GLOG night in June, taking a well earned break from attending to the bubble machine, smoke machine, lights, selling CDs, cassettes, answering queries and ensuring we are kept well watered whilst we just prat about strumming and singing a bit...

Another email received after Sunday said:

Just to say really enjoyed your music today. Loved listening to all your songs, but particularly your "all around the blooming heather" took me back to happier younger times. Thanks for a really nice day, definitely one for the memory book!

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