Wednesday, 10 January 2007

An Audience with Creeping Bentgrass

19 March 2006
Our all-invite event "An Audience With Creeping Bentgrass" was held last night at Staining Village Hall, near Blackpool and what a fabulous night it was. Around 100 people turned up for music, dancing, food and drink and there were a few reunions, a few guest appearances and lots of friends gathering to support us and enjoy a very convivial night!

Staining has a large stage and we were able to make the most of the space so that I didn't have to do my usual hiding behind the keyboard. We set the keyboard at an angle and used an extra mic stand. Of course, that meant I had to remember to suck the tummy in a bit but I'm sure no one was caring anyway!

We had a bit of a surprise ourselves as the stage was invaded by the glamorous ladies from Garstang Light Opera Group, who did a bit of backing vocals for us, totally unexpected as we played the Beatles' hit "Please Please Me". We had dragged them up earlier to join us on "Johnny Remember Me", the 1961 No 1 hit by John Leyton!

No doubt some other photos of friends and audience will appear on John's Monthly Update for April.

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